Grumpy Americans?

“Are Americans getting grumpier”? This is the title of an article written in a magazine I recently read, written by Jim Meyers under the Life and Trends section.   This article gives some interesting facts that I think many can agree with in their everyday life. In his report he states, “The satisfaction level of U.S. […]

What’s Next?

I know it has been a while since my last entry and I know people are eagerly waiting for this, like me, myself, and I.  Don’t you want to know what is new in the Summit Lake Coffee world? Then yesterday it hit me.  I was being interviewed by a local publication for an article that […]

Decision 2016

Decision 2016. To think this year’s political race is one to overlook would be like adding water to oil, you can’t. In fact, the two front runners for the highest office are just that, water and oil, two very different people with different philosophies. I think arguably, the one thing they do share is the […]

It’s Time!

It’s Time! I was recently asked why I have not written in “the blog” for a while. Well, I figured if I wrote twice a year, I would be doing well. I usually try writing one in the summer when business slows down a little, and again after the Holiday rush. I guess what surprised […]

Trending Now!

So I am long over-due to write a blog, surprised? We have been on a crazy ride setting up our new “coffee lab” and our life in general.  I feel extremely thankful to have kept most of my business during the holidays as we moved and roasted, all while trying to build new customers in […]

Good Morning Iowa!

Good Morning Iowa! So here we are, about to start a new day in a new part of the country. Everything is new, the location, the building, even the logo has been updated. However, the important things remain the same, the roaster, and the commitment to fresh roasted coffee and great service. At Summit Lake […]

The Future is Here

In the last edition of “Coffee Talk,” on the web site, Summit Lake Coffee mentioned some major goals that we established for 2015.  It is bitter sweet that we now mention one of those major changes taking place. This May, Summit Lake Coffee Co will temporarily stop operations as we prepare to move our family […]

Medium Roast Coffee Summit Blend

2015 a Time for Change

A time for change.  Ok, I plagiarized the line from the many politicians who say what they need to get elected and I am not running for a political office, (hmmmm).  But, we do have some changes coming in 2015. Some of the simple changes scheduled for 2015 are the addition of single origin coffee […]

Breaking News!

Breaking News, grab your attention? Well apparently, that is the method used to grab the attention of the public by media outlets so people will look, only to “stay tuned” for details after the commercial break.  I know for news junkies such as my wife, the words “Breaking News” halts life as we know it.  […]

Coffee Break!

So the last several weeks I was thinking, what should I write in my next edition of “coffee talk?”  The simple answer is, well, write about coffee.  Well I could, that would be too easy.  There are coffee topics all over the net and depending on your thought about coffee, you can find a topic to […]